Hello #GlowGetter babes!  My name is Alita and I am the owner of The Glow Hous.  I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I received my Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Metropolitan State University of Denver.  In 2017, I moved to a small town in Indiana and now am a proud Hoosier.  I have fallen in love with the countryside and have been captivated by the beauty of the Midwest. The country is so beautiful and peaceful... there's nothing like it. I knew early on that the accounting career was not the right fit for my personality.  I have always been passionate about making people look beautiful and feel more confident!  In high school and college, I loved doing my friends' and family members' make-up and styling them.  It's one of the most rewarding feelings to see them light up at the finished product. This is why I decided to start The Glow Hous.  A beautiful smile is the best accessory and the right custom spray tan feels like liquid confidence applied directly to the body.  I am dedicated to the art and precision of custom spray tanning and teeth whitening excellence.  I look forward to seeing you soon :)

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